Acroprint ® Model 220CB Time Recorder

Acroprint Model 220CB Time Recorder

Save time and money

Model 220CB

This clock helps protect your payroll by providing legible records of hours worked.

Eliminate foreman as a timekeeper - allowing him/her to work more productively

Guaranteed for 1 year

• Automatic card location
• Automatic stamping
• Prints in Black or red ink (red to highlight lateness etc.)

• Rings bells
• Reliable and accurate
• 6 In/Out per day

• Easy to use

• Highlight lateness/early departure to employee

•Automatic printing

• Increase production, enforce shift rules

• Automatic card delivery within slot

• Provides accurate in indisputable records.

•Battery backup of data (Great for powercuts.)

• Provides permanent proof of hours worked

•Large easy to read display

• Helps comply with the WTD.

•Easy to read, clear, dot matrix printing

•Help eliminate disputes over pay

•Prints in black or red ink (to highlight lateness etc.)

•Establish respect for Time

•Rings tea break/lunch bells

•Desk or wall mount

Sample time card

7200 UK1

Technical Specification for Acroprint ® Model 220CB


Digital Display

Time Base

Quartz Crystal

Operating Temperature

-5°C to 45°C (27°F to 113° F)


240mm x 222mm x 165mm [H x W x D]


5 Kg


Dot matrix

Power Input

200V – 240V 50Hz 50/60Hz

Battery Backup

Internal Lithium

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