swipe card system

Unlimited shifts
swipe card system
Swipe card time recording system
swipe card system
swipe card system
4 rates of Pay  
A basic version is also available - just ask
Unlimited targetted overtime rules

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swipe card system

swipe card system

swipe card system


Includes a time card report a
Key Personnel Display on every PC
and an automatic
Fire Report in case of fire

ALTO Pro - portable, reliable, secure and convenient

Features & Benefits

• Easy to useswipe card system

• Deducts for lunch if not takenswipe card system

• Prints full time card reportswipe card system

• Overtime - by time band, hours day, week or targettedswipe card system

• Real-time fire reportswipe card system

• Up to 999 shift patternsswipe card system

• Key personnel displayswipe card system

• Integrates with popular payroll programsswipe card system

• Highlights/deducts for latenessswipe card system

• Plugs into PC serial port to download as requiredswipe card system

• Deducts for lunch if not takenswipe card system

• Wall or Desk mountswipe card system

• Calculates hours workedswipe card system

• CE,UL and CSA approvedswipe card system

• Standard rate and three rates of overtimeswipe card system

• Unlimited targetted overtime rulesswipe card system

• Highlights/Deducts for latenessswipe card system

**These features only available if hardwired to P.C.swipe card system

Terminal Specifications

240vac/9VDC optional 110vac 50/60hz/9VDC

170mm x 99m x 48mm (LxWxH)

0-55 c


RS232. RS485 multidrop, USB

ALTO Pro Memory Capacity
8200 transactions

Specification subject to change without notice.

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