Biometric time and attendance


TOUCHtime ® 1100 Pro

TOUCHtime 1100 Pro that uses measuremetns of sections of a persons finger to identify them. The software cannot reporduce a fingerprint. For example, if you were to tell someone your age, waist size, shoe size, hat size and neck size, they would know something about you but they could not draw a picture of you. This system works in a similar way.

Eliminate ‘buddy punching’ so that you only pay for employees who are not at work.

Secure your payroll and save time and money.

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Easy to use

The software will
Print full time card activity
Highlights lateness in red/bold
Can round times in case of lateness
Can deduct for lunch if not taken
Calculates hours worked
Sort into four rates of pay

Fire report - in the event of fire
Key personnel report
Export information for use in third party software

Wall mount

Can be connected by RS232, or optionally by USB or Ethernet

How It Works

A previously enrolled user simply present their finger to the scanner and the terminal displays the result along with an audible message.

PC minimum requirements
Standard PC 233 MHz Processor, 64MB System Memory, 80MB hard disk space free, CD-ROM drive,
a Windows supported laser printer, an 40 column dot matrix printer (for fire report) and an available and suitable communications port.

Operating systems supported
Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista.

Verification time <1 second
Power input 240v 50/60hz / 5 vdc 17watts
Weight 2.75 kgs (6lbs)
Operating temp. 0° - 45° C Humidity 20% - 80%

Memory protection 5 years
Max 1500 finger templates
Memory storage 15000 transactions
ID length 1 to 10 digits
User capacity 50, 100, 512 or 1024 users
Communications RS232 max 50 feet

Communications - Ethernet, USB

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