Acroprint® Model 150
Heavy Duty Automatic Time Recorder
and Job/Warranty Coster

time clocks

Acroprint time-clocks

Save time and money

The Acroprint® Model 150 is designed for easy one-hand trigger-trip recording. Card or paper form actuates the printing mechanism. Speeds up checking "in" or "out".

This clock helps protect your payroll by providing legible records of hours worked.

Eliminate foreman as a timekeeper - allowing him/her to work more productively

Guaranteed for 1 year

Print section guaranteed for life of clock*

• Heavy Duty Time Recorder and
• Job/warranty coster
• Easy To Use

• Very Reliable
• Good for tough environments

Acroprint  time clocks Acroprint time clocks
•Automatic stamping
• Provides accurate in indisputable records.
•Automatic minute, hour and day change • Provides permanent proof of hours worked
•Up to 3 part sheets or card of any size • Helps comply with the WTD
•Rust and corrosion proof •Help identify lateness/early departure
•Automatic ribbon reverse • Increase production, enforce shift rules
•Wall desk or platform mounting •Help eliminate disputes over pay
•Heavy duty •Establish respect for time
•Large easy to read dial •Provide time costs for Job/labour/warranty tracking
•Easy to set •Enable the use of flexitime work schedules

Sample Time cards - other styles are available - just ask

Clock card

Acroprint  time clocks

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Technicians pay claim (3 part lick and stick)

Acroprint  time clocks

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18 versions of 3 and 4 typewheel combinations are available. A year wheel may be added. A symbol wheel can be added to identify individual sites or clock used by the employee.
Standard Type Faces
M 13.54
(Day of week, 0-23 hrs and min.)
Oct Acroprint time-clocks 13.54
(Month, date, hours and minutes)

Optional Type Faces
Oct Acroprint time-clocks 13.90
(Month date, hours and 100ths of hours)
M 1.54
(Day of week, hours and minutes

More optional typewheels

19 1.54
(Date of month, hours and minutes)

M 13.9
(Day of week, 0-23 hours and 10ths of hours)

M 13.90
(Day of week, 0-23 hours & 100ths of hours)

74 Oct Acroprint time-clocks 1.54
(Year, month, day, hours and minutes)

CX Oct Acroprint time-clocks 1.54
(Symbol wheel, month, date, hours and minutes)

Small charge for other combinations

Typewheels guaranteed for life of the recorder against wear and breakage under normal operating conditions

Technical Specification for Acroprint ® Model 150
Time Base Synchronous motor
Operating Temperature -5°C to 45° C (27°F to 113° F)
Dimensions 232mm x 222mm x 165mm [H x W x D]
Weight 6.5 Kg
Printwheels Mylar - Mylar - *10 year guarantee
Power Input 200V – 240V 50Hz or 110V-120V 60hz (option)

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