Acroprint® Model 200
Heavy Duty Fully Automatic
Time Recorder

Acroprint time-clocks


Save time and money

Fast & Accurate Job cost & Payroll time recording.

This clock helps protect your payroll by providing legible records of hours worked.

Eliminate foreman as a timekeeper - allowing him/her to work more productively

Guaranteed for 1 year

Print section guaranteed for life of clock*

  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to use
  • Very reliable
  • Automatic stamping
  • Never over-stamps
  • Goof proof

Acroprint time-clocks Acroprint time-clocks
• Heavy duty • Eliminates over stamping
•Automatic stamping
• Eliminates clocking in wrong place
• Automatic card location • Just insert and pull out
•Automatic minute, hour and daychange • Provides permanent proof of hoursworked
•Easy to set • Automatic spacing allows use ofall types of schedules.
•Rust and corrosion proof •Help eliminate disputes over pay
•Automatic ribbon reverse for longer life •Establish respect for time
• Large easy to read dial •Provide time costs for Job/labourtracking
•Wall desk or platform mounting •Enable the use of flexitime work schedules
  • Increase production, enforce shift rules
• Provides accurate in indisputable records.

Sample Time Card

Acroprint time clocks


- 18 versions of 3 and 4 typewheel combinations are available. A year wheel may be added. A symbol wheel can be added to identify individual sites or clock used by the employee.

Standard Type Faces

M 13.54
(Day of week, 0-23 hrs and min.)
Oct Acroprint time-clocks 13.54
(Month, date, hours and minutes)

Optional Type Faces

Oct Acroprint time clocks 13.90
(Month, date, hours and 100ths of hours)

M 1.54
(Day of week, hours and minutes)

19 1.54
(Date of month, hours and minutes)

M 13.9
(Day of week, 0-23 hours and 10ths of hours)

M 13.90
(Day of week, 0-23 hours & 100ths of hours)

74 Oct Acroprint time-clocks 1.54
(Year, month, day, hours and minutes)

CX Oct Acroprint time-clocks 1.54
(Symbol wheel, month, date, hours and minutes)

Typewheels guaranteed for life of the recorder against wear and breakage under normal operating conditions.

Technical Specification for Acroprint® Model 200
Time Base Synchronous motor
Operating Temperature -5°C to 45° C (27°F to 113° F)
Dimensions 265mm x 280mm x 257mm [H x W x D]
Weight 11 Kg
Printwheels Mylar - *10 year guarantee
Power Input 200V – 240V 50Hz or 110V-120V 60hz (option)

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